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35 West Wacker

  Moving Procedures

The following is a list of items that may make your moving process a little easier.

  • Coordinate a “move team” within your company.
  • Select a moving company.
  • Assign the move team to pack “public” areas (supply rooms, mail rooms, etc.) and tag furniture and boxes (tags are supplied by mover).
  • Confirm your new phone and fax number(s) with the telephone company.
  • Order move announcements and send them out accordingly.
  • Change all letterhead, envelopes, labels, business cards, etc. with new address and phone numbers.
  • Submit change of address to the Post Office. Notify all publications (telephone directories, magazines, newspapers, etc.).
  • Notify all equipment vendors of your move. This may include coffee machines, vending machines, plants, postage, copy and fax machines, etc. Please note that many vendors require that they move their own equipment in order to relieve you of the liability should any damage occur.
  • Arrange for any repainting (file cabinets, shelving units, etc.), reupholstering or refinishing of furniture.
  • Liquidate any unnecessary furniture.
  • Arrange packing and moving of any special artwork.
  • Have petty cash available at the time of your move.
  • Keep employees informed with a newsletter. Suggested items to include: the actual move date; when to start packing personal desk/office area; how to tab boxes; take home personal effects, plants, etc.; exciting amenities at the new location.
  • Put together a “Welcome Manual”. This manual might include telephone instructions, telephone directories, floor plan(s), new location building amenities (stores, medical offices, restaurants, etc.).
  • Every desk should be equipped with a telephone and an information sheet. The sheet would be filled out by an employee who might be missing items or has complaints, questions, or compliments.
  • Collect existing location office keys from all employees and pass out new keys the day before your move.
  • Strictly optional, you might want to place a welcome gift on employee desks. Some suggestions are flowers/plants, baskets filled with candy, juice, or snacks, coffee mugs, or key chains.
  • Coordinate transfer of telephone service.

Listed below are some steps that may assist you in your transition from your previous location to the 35 West Wacker Drive Building.

Tenant Coordination Items (Existing Location):

  • Notify building management of your move. Confirm in writing.
  • Arrange loading dock access and freight elevator reservations.
  • Collect all building keys from employees and return them to building management.
  • Request dumpster/gondolas be dropped off for trash removal during your move out.
  • Remove company signage from existing location.

Tenant Coordination Items (35 West Wacker Drive)

  • Confirm dock clearance with movers.
  • Schedule all freight time and deliveries with Building Management.
  • Submit a hardware/keying schedule to Building Management at least eight weeks prior to move-in date. This is to confirm how you would like each department/office/entrance door keyed (i.e. one master to open all doors; submaster; one key to open entrance doors and private offices; etc.). Building Management will work with you in coordinating this item. Decide on the quantity of keys needed and Management will forward them to you.
  • If you are using a card access/security system and would like it to work in conjunction with the building’s system, Management will work with you in coordinating this item. (Lead time is necessary for this item.)
  • Confirm the number of men’s and women’s washroom keys needed. If there is a combination lock installed on the washroom doors, Management will forward the combinations to you.
  • Confirm in writing your new phone and fax numbers to Building Management.
  • Notify Building Management of any special deliveries such as copy machines, artwork, appliances, etc.
  • Provide Building Management with directory/suite signage in writing.
  • Return documents included in your Tenant Move-In Package.
  • Notify Building Management of any handicapped employees requiring special assistance.
  • Provide Building Management with a list of individuals (i.e. move team members) who will need after hours or weekend access during your move-in.
  • Schedule a building security/emergency response meeting with Building Management at your earliest convenience.
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